The Protectorate Edit

The Protectorate of Tilden Shorm is an area within the South Eastern lowland steppes, sitting at the base of the Khorrum foothills. Also known as the Giant Reserve, the Giant Protectorate or the Giants Pit. The Protectorate is in truth little more than a corral used to keep the Giants out of sight and out of mind. While the two villages within a days travel of the Protectorate do trade with the Giants this is about the only contact they have with the outside world.


The Protectorate was founded in the year 347 RC when Tilden Shorm, leader of the Giants, came down from the mountains to seek refuge in the lands of men. The Dwarves of the Khorrum Mountains had been waging a war of extermination against the Giants for a five century old grudge. For the past fifty years the Dwarves had been harassing lone Giants who wandered the mountain paths but in recent months the Dwarves, led on by a racist extremist, had taken to ambushing and slaughtering groups of Giants. It had gotten to the point where the Dwarves had laid siege to the last stronghold of the Giants and intended to starve them out so that they could eradicate the Giants once and for all. In the dark of night Tilden broke through the barricade with nothing but his sword and the clothes on his back.

Tilden Shorm made the three day trek down the mountain, fighting off Dwarven ambushes and myriad other mountain dwelling dangers. Upon reaching the foothills he placed a ward upon his blade, Moriracta, and buried it somewhere nobody would discover it.

Finally free of the constant danger, yet still pressed for time, Tilden travelled the countryside searching for a Human settlement. Eventually he came across Altars Brook, a small farming village. Fearing outright panic Tilden approached the village carefully. Through a stroke of luck and some clever positioning Tilden was able to convince the town he meant them no harm and requested an audience with the King. A rider was sent to Antaigne to notify the King. Two days later the King, Rilton Liorm, had come to an agreement with Tilden. The personal guard of King Liorm would accompany Tilden back to the Giant fortress and break the siege the of the Dwarves. The Giants would be given sanctuary in the lands of Rhûl immediately whereupon a charter would be laid out as to the conditions of the agreement. The signing of this charter marked the formation of the Protectorate.

Charter Edit

The Protectorate Charter covers everything from the personal conduct of the Giants outside the Protectorate to the number of Giants that are allowed outside the Protectorate at one time, all the way to the number of children each Giant is allowed to have. While this may seem harsh and somewhat cruel it is in fact considered by the Giants to be more than fair. The Humans have given them land they hold no claim to and sheltered them from the Dwarven assault. The Giants police the rules of the Charter more effectively than any outside force could as it is the only thing keeping them from annihilation. Due to their size and strength Giants are welcome volunteers in the war against the Gormen and as such they are not an uncommon sight in the Province of Lillendan where they fight alongside House Gyre in their attempts to repel the Gormen raiders.

The conditions of the Charter are as follows:

1) A Giant shall never harm a citizen of Rhûl.

2) A Giant shall never allow a citizen of Rhûl to be harmed.

3) No more than seven Giants are to be outside the Protectorate at the any one time.

4) Each married couple is permitted one child.

5) Each newborn child must be registered with both an Elder and the Minister of the Protectorate.

6) A Giant may never bear weapons while outside of the Protectorate, barring their use in the defence of Rhûl.

7) A Giant must answer any call to arms presented to him or her by a representative of Rhûl.

8) No Dwarf may enter the Protectorate without permission of both an Elder and the Minister of the Protectorate.

9) In times of war the King of Rhûl may choose to overrule any two Charter conditions.